Wine by the Glass

Wine by the Glass

(all wines are available by the bottle – ask your server for prices)

Sparkling Wine

  • $8

    Crisp, refreshing, slightly effervescent sweet wine with aromas of fig and apricot

  • An elegant, light, sparkling white wine from Northern Italy

  • Italian Glacial Bubbly, Extra dry sparkling wine

  • $10

    An intense, semi-sweet sparkling wine that's ruby red in color with flavors of black cherries


  • $9

    Sweet and charming rose that exalts notes of strawberry and raspberry

  • $9

    A bright and lively, dry rose that's pale-pink in color with flavors of strawberry and rose

  • A light rose color of the Nebbiolo grape with spicy, fruity, and floral nuances

White Wine

  • A dry, soft, white wine with a fruity bouquet and hints of apple & pear

  • A vibrant, aromatic white wine with velvety body and flavors of peach blossoms

  • Dry white with straw-yellow color and mineral taste. Fragrance of flowers and fruit with hints of peach.

  • Aromatic with a hint of flowers, nice acidity, good finish

  • An inviting, medium body white with notes of flowers, fruits, and minerals

  • A dry, well-balanced white with hints of pineapple and toasted almonds with a lasting finish

  • A refreshing white with intense aromas of flowers balanced by toast and citrus notes

Red Wine

  • True to variety with Sangiovese’s signature cherry aromas, pronounced yet balanced acidity.

  • A full-bodied red with aromas of blackberries, vanilla, and a hint of figs

  • A fresh, vibrant red with a robust flavor of spices and wild berry fruits

  • $10

    A full-bodied red with solid structure due to fine balance between tannins and acidity of red and black fruits

  • An intense, full wine of deep, ruby red color that offers scents of violet and cherry with a soft but persistent finish

  • A bouquet of ripe fruits with a red color and a slight acidic touch that gives a delicate aftertaste

  • $13

    Most ancient grape, zinfandel; neat, intense, black pepper, plums, soft and velvety, big tannins and a long clean finish.

  • A delicate, harmonic red offering aromas of ripe fruit and mineral notes with a lovely finish.